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Durham Commuters: “Millions of hours stuck in traffic”

— The Oshawa Express, Aug 2017

“...Oshawa residents spend 2.3 million hours annually sitting in traffic.”

Commuting Cost Calculator

How to Use

To find out what your commute is really costing you, fill in the top four fields having to do with the time and distance of your commute, your type of vehicle and your hourly recompense or wage.

The calculator will then show the daily and yearly costs associated with your commute.

Vehicle Costs from CAA

The vehicle cost per kilometre comes from the Canadian Motor Association driving costs calculator for Ontario.  These costs range from 38 cents per kilometre for a sub-compact all the way up to 69 cents per kilometre for a luxury vehicle.

Go Transit Costs

The Go Transit cost per kilometre comes from an average of 18.5 cents per kilometre.

Working Days in Ontario

The number of working days per year for Ontario is 252 per  We use 8 hours per business day.

Unpaid Time Commuting

We have included a cost for the unpaid time wasted for your commute based on your hourly wages or compensation ie. what you would have earned if you had been paid during your commute time.  This is the value of your time lost to commuting.

The True Cost of Commuting

You will be astonished at what a commute is taking out of your life on an annual basis and how much it is really costing you.

Time for a Change?

It is time to look for a work opportunity a bit closer to home in Durham!

Why do you want to be here?

No one really likes commuting—it’s time-consuming and expensive. Whether you’re looking to cut your commute or just advance your career, let us connect you with the right opportunity. We're getting job opportunities BEFORE they are posted publicly and can give you the edge over cold applicants!

Save Money

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) calculates that it costs $0.62 per kilometre for the average person to drive an intermediate-sized car in Ontario. Of the 50% of Durham residents who commute outside the region for work, Statistics Canada claimes the average is 30 kms one-way.

Save Time

According to The Red Pin, the average commute time per day for a Durham region resident is 75 minutes. This works out to be 315 hours annually OR the equivalent of more than one whole month of work.

Reduce Stress

According to Time Health, commuting can have a major impact on your mental and physical health in areas such as cholesterol, blood sugar, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress. Get awa from the gridlock or being packed like cattle in the trains!

Career Impact

Better overall health allows you to be more effective at work. Cut out the long commute and arrive at work fresh. The average commute time for people in Durham is almost 3 hours a day - that is 27% of your working day! Imagine what you could do with that extra time!

Working in Whitby and not commuting for 3 hours a day is a no-brainer.
"Without a long commute, I now have time to get to projects around the house."
"Now I have time to do the things that matter most to me."
“I now realize that cutting my commute into the city doesn’t mean I have to compromise my salary.”
“I finally now have some precious me time which has really cut down my stress.”