Durham Recruiting is NOT your typical recruitment agency

What We Are: A full-service agency providing all recruiting related services including our exclusive Temp-To-HireTM Program for our manufacturing clients. All candidates are fully vetted and matched to our partners for overall fit.
What We Are Not: Is a staffing agency supplying unvetted labour.
Our approach is different in that we tailor our service to fit your needs while using our proven process the Kellow ApproachTM that gets results. That’s why we’re earning the trust of many employers here in the Durham Region and GTA.

We have a business owner mindset

We are a privately owned and operated business which means you’re guaranteed to get the best service combined with the most competitive rates in the Durham Region because we are truly invested in the success of your company.

YOUR success is OUR Success – Win-Win!


We take the time to know our clients’ organizations inside and out. We believe in asking a lot of the ‘right’ questions to ensure we uncover exactly what they need.


Is at the heart of everything we do.


We are not tied to corporate mandates to be rigid in service & pricing that aligns with their quota agendas.

No BS Here

We tell it like it is. We do what we say and say what we do.


We believe fun should always be part of our clients’ and candidates’ experience.


Developing personal relationships is central to our approach, we treat our clients & candidates like family.


We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach. We tailor our recruitment services to meet our clients’ unique needs.


We treat you as we expect to be treated.

With all the technology available to us to find great candidates the process should be faster, cheaper, better, right?

Wrong! In fact, hiring costs might be more than you realize.

According to Now Hiring Heroes, it can take nearly a full week (32.25 hours) of your time to dedicate to the hiring process.

Moreover, the average interview process now takes approximately 23 days, up from 13 just four years ago – this increases to months for some senior roles.

Finally, if you make a poor hire this could cost you dearly. A Harris Interactive poll found 41% of respondents claimed that cost of a poor hire to be greater than $25K and 25% of respondents said that the cost was greater than $50K.

Our experience tells us that these time and money costs are almost the same in Durham Region.

We understand how hiring costs you precious time and money.
It takes time to find one suitable candidate.

It takes on average 32.25 hours of YOUR time to hire one person!

Post on Job Boards 2 hours, Review Resumes 20 hours, Pre-Screen Candidates 1.5 hours, Interview Prep 1.25 hours, Interviewing & Wrapping Up 7.5 hours

It doesn't end there! It now takes over 1 month!

With todays competitive environment for sourcing top talent,
making a poor hire could have severe economic ramifications for your business. Remember it costs between $25,000 and $50,000 for such a mistake.

Companies have poor hires for a number of reasons.

Careerbuilder, a global recruitment company, has done a number of surveys over the years.  In 2017, they asked employers how they came to find out they hired the wrong person.

This is what they said:

  • While the candidate didn't have all the needed skills, thought they could learn quickly: 35 percent
  • Candidate lied about his/her qualifications: 33 percent
  • Took a chance on a nice person: 32 percent
  • Pressured to fill the role quickly: 30 percent
  • Had a hard time finding qualified candidates: 29 percent
  • Focused on skills and not attitude: 29 percent
  • Ignored some of the warning signs: 25 percent
  • Lacked adequate tools to find the right person: 10 percent
  • Didn't do a complete background check: 10 percent
  • Didn't work close enough with HR: 7 percent

This is how they categorized a poor hire:

  • The worker didn't produce the proper quality of work: 54 percent
  • The worker had a negative attitude: 53 percent
  • The worker didn't work well with other workers: 50 percent
  • The worker had immediate attendance problems: 46 percent
  • The worker's skills did not match what they claimed to be able to do when hired: 45 percent

The Kellow ApproachTM has a statistically
proven track record of getting better talent

Before we opened our doors, we met with several businesses to understand their pain points when partnering with recruitment agencies. Above all, we realized that the recruitment process was the problem, so we developed THE KELLOW APPROACHTM.

The Kellow ApproachTM is our proprietary hiring process that is the most rigorous and consistent based on client feedback. The best aspect of our approach is that it literally can be used for ANY role within ANY industry. The result: a success rate 300% higher than the industry norm!

We meet with you and team in-person (usually twice) to get deep understanding of your culture and operation i.e. our exploration goes far beyond the job description. We actively LISTEN to understand what YOU want. By investing significant time getting to know your industry, business and team this allows us to lay down the crucial groundwork in formulating our recruitment strategy.

Our deep understanding of your culture, operation and specific role allows us to develop our strategy i.e. profile the target, what will resonate, where to find them. We have mastered the art of messaging and with the detailed data we collect we craft specific messages that tells YOUR story.

We have a variety of channels to source local Durham talent in addition to job boards such as; networking, referrals, Facebook, LinkedIn, database of active and passive candidates, etc.

Our assessment is consistent across ALL SECTORS AND ROLES in that we take 4-step approach. Feedback from our partners and candidates is that it’s the most rigorous and efficient in Durham and is why we have a success rate of 97% for Permanent Placements and 92% for Temp-to-Hire Placements (past 90-day probation)

1) We filter 90-95% of all applicants 2) Provide best-in-class assessment(s) 3) Customized 45-60-minute phone discussion 4) 60-90-minute face-to-face interview

You trust us to match you with the ‘right’ candidate. We understand this, will never take this for granted, and take every precaution necessary to connect you with the very best candidates for YOUR company. We take all the information gathered by our candidates and develop profiles that contain a combination of our interview questions, spidey senses, and scientific results derived from our assessments.

We are truly passionate about being connectors in the Durham Community.

Once the candidate is placed, our job doesn’t end there. We stay actively involved with you and the candidate to check-in and help address any questions should they arise. We know most of our candidates personally! Additionally, we provide our expertise on retention strategies such as onboarding, mentorship programs, rewards systems, training, work-life balance and fostering teamwork.

Dustin Kellow with Michelle Schurer of Salit Steel

"Durham Recruiting assessed all of our needs; studies many resumes and conducts in-depth interviews in order to find the best possible fit. The time savings, reliability and timeliness keep me coming back. You will not be disappointed."

Lana Macaulay Owner, Don Lea Lumber Ltd.

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