Every agency does permanent placements and every agency will always brag that they can get the best people.

There are several things that make Durham Recruiting better and different.

First, we are in Durham Region and are building all of our channels within Durham Region.  We are building the most relevant and strongest database of active and passive candidates for Durham Region.

We are able to do this because we have our channels setup and are getting a lot of people sharing with us through Facebook, through LinkedIn, and through our referral program. It’s all locally-based.

People are hearing about us and coming to us first.

Also, we have the ability to tap into a large group of passive candidates.  Those are individuals who are not actively looking for work but would entertain a job change because we’re going after them. We are tailoring our messages to commuters, to those people who are the brain-drain from Durham to Toronto. Because of this, Durham Recruiting has a wider pool to draw from than our competitors.

This aligns with our unique Kellow approach to recruitment.

We really do bring our clients the best and most qualified candidates because (a) we understand our client and their needs but (b) we can pull from a much deeper and wider source of talent versus the others.

We go further and make sure that we get the right person for our client's position and organization.

Durham Recruiting will help you fill your permanent staffing needs. Take advantage of our:

  • Unmatched process that is tailored to suit YOUR unique needs
  • Strong knowledge of your industry, business and team. We stay up-to-date with your industry.
  • Large and developed local active and passive talent pool through our developed local channels
  • Consistent team of consultants who are dedicated to YOUR success.We learn and understand your needs to develop a strategy on how to best meet them.
  • Experience in filling rare, difficult or highly specialized roles.
  • Committed support team that will assist you with your hiring process.
  • Competitive replacement guarantee so that you can be confident that you have made the right hiring choice.

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