How it was born

Before we opened our doors, we spoke with many employers across many industries and what we learned was pervasive. Finding great candidates is difficult, so many rely on temporary workers to a) fill gaps or b) trial period with the intent to hire them full-time to reduce their risk of hiring a poor worker. Unfortunately, their biggest challenge is the existing staffing model. We heard from employers that: 
  • Agencies don’t take the time to get to know their industry, company, team and roles
  • Agencies keep a pool of temporary workers and send out to companies with little vetting
  • Employers are drawing from the same exhausted pool
  • Temp workers are poorly matched to the specific role and company culture driving high turnover impacting your costs and team morale
  • If an employer got a solid worker and wanted to make a full-time offer, they must WAIT 3-4 MONTHS OR pay a massive fee
  • Many great candidates leave for full-time opportunities prior to reaching the 4-month period therefore, employers are left with the vicious cycle of perpetual temp workers at HUGE COST
  • Employers are usually left with average to below average workers to hire resulting in an extremely low conversion (temp to perm hire) of 1 in 5
Agencies refuse to change their model because it’s not in their best interest to do so. Their model is designed to make a lot of money off the backs of temporary workers while YOU pay for it.

Let that sink in!


Time for a change!

Respect for the Employer and Candidate

We believe there is a better way that works for the employer and candidate! Our Temp-to-Hire ProgramTM is a hybrid innovation that combines temporary and permanent recruitment that helps to address the #1 challenge for most employers – sourcing the right candidates for them!
The Skinny: You get vetted candidates who begin as a temporary worker for 4 weeks as a trial for both the employer and candidate. After 4 weeks, you hire them full-time where you are given an additional 90-day guarantee to further evaluate the candidate. We’ve accelerated the front end removing the risk of losing talent while providing you with a guarantee on the backend for added insurance to your hiring decision.

This gives YOU 120 days to fully assess your candidate(s) risk-free and at a very low rate! The Results:

  • Only 13% of our candidates have been replaced during the four-week trial period
  • 96% of our candidates have surpassed the three-month probationary period
  • 86% of our candidates have surpassed the six month period (not including mass or seasonal layoffs)

How it works

You literally get the best of BOTH worlds. By using our proprietary Kellow Approach TM we spend significant time getting to know your industry, company, team and role(s), and develop a strategy to go ‘hunting’ for the ‘right’ candidate much in the way a typical permanent recruitment works. In other words, unlike the current ‘old staffing model’ that sends unvetted, unqualified temporary workers, we specifically recruit and match candidates who will make an immediate impact.
What it doesn’t do is hold you, the employer, ransom for 3-4 months to make a hiring decision.

What it means for you

We essentially treat it as a permanent recruit and because the 4-week trial period is part of the process, we position and advertise the opportunity as full-time allowing us to attract top talent. Additionally, candidates love this program and here's why:

  • They are matched to a role they either have experience in or have interest in doing
  • The guarantee of a full-time role means they WILL treat as a full-time role bringing their best (and yes beyond the probationary period)
  • Treated with respect and dignity and NOT experiencing the perpetual temp cycle

The Implication: We recruit in a very robust pool through multiple channels. Additionally, you have an engaged and invested worker with significantly higher production output vs. typical temporary worker because both parties have made a long-term commitment. The program significantly mitigates hiring the wrong person and therefore reducing YOUR financial loss and low team morale.


It is literally a Win-Win!