Durham Recruiting knows that skilled managers and administrative support personnel are indispensable to the smooth running and productivity of any organization.  We seek out qualified individuals who possess the unique talents required to fill these vital roles.

Durham Recruiting also understands that no two salespersons' needs are the same.  We identify the salesperson who is the right fit, one who will effectively represent the company.  This is sometimes lost on other agencies who see salespeople as "generic" and will send over any applicant to fill an empty sales position.

With our unique process, The Kellow Approach, we work to understand what a company is producing or selling, what the key performance indicators for the position are, what the company expects from a new hire, and then find the right person who will best represent that company and produce great results.

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Placements We Typically Hire For

Office Roles


Operations Manager

Purchasing Manager / Coordinator

Project Manager / Coordinator

Quality Control, Safety, Environmental Manager

Accountant  / Auditor


Executive Assistant

Customer Service Representative


Office Manager

Receptionist / Scheduler

Marketing Manager / Coordinator

Purchasing Manager / Coordinator

Communications Manager / Coordinator

C Suite and Senior Level Executives

Sales Roles

Account Director / Manager

Business Developer

Financial Sales Representative

General Sales Representative

Outside Sales Agent

Part-time Sales People

Sales Associate

Sales Manager

Telephone Sales and/or Support

Trade Show and Merchandise Sales