Durham Recruiting understands that no two sales people’s needs are the same.  Our job is to find and identify the salesperson who is the right fit to represent a particular company. This is sometimes lost on other agencies, which just see salespeople as generic and will send any applicant over to fill an empty sales position.

Salespeople need to be articulate and be able to speak to senior level management with ease after they pass through the various gatekeepers to get to the decision-maker and close them. With our unique process, the Kellow Approach, we work to understand what a company is selling, what the key performance indicators for the position are, what the company expects from a new hire, and then find the right person that will best represent that company and be able to really sell their product.

Placements We Hire For

Account managers
Business developers
Financial sales representatives
General sales representatives
Outside sales agents
Part time sales people
Sales associates
Sales managers
Telephone sales and/or support
Tradeshow and merchandise sales