This industry tends to focus a lot on a person's experience, their skill set and their background. Durham Recruiting's big difference is that we focus on the potential hire themselves. With people who have similar skill sets, you need to find the right one to fit the work environment.

With the Kellow Approach, we administer both personality tests and mechanical aptitude tests.  Our difference is that we focus on (a) does someone have the ability to learn quickly and easily and how much do they have to learn, and (b) what is their capability now.

The other thing we look at is personality.  Will they actually fit into the company that is looking for someone with their skill set?

This goes beyond what other agencies do.

Placements We Hire For

Automotive Service Technician
Cement Mason
Collision Repair Technician
Crane Operator
Formwork Technician
Geothermal Heating Technician
Heavy Equipment Operator
HVAC staff
Industrial Instrument Mechanics
Metal workers
Steam fitters
Tool and die experts